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105 Rivington Rebrands Again As CV

Steve Lewis reveals that he has been hired by none other than Matt Levine to provide a third redo of the lounge space in the lobby of The Hotel on Rivington. Taking a trip down memory lane, the THOR lounge first opened way back in 2006, when the hotel's opening was a shot across the bow of the historic Lower East Side. During the lounge's opening run, those in the know had to tell the doorman, "we're friends of Marcel's in from the Netherlands" to get inside. But its place on top was short lived, and lounge quickly became an afterthought. By Fall 2007, the lounge had installed some slick black couches and the requisite stripper pole and been rechristened as 105 Riv. But the rebranding never took off and by 2009, the 105 Riv concept as well as THOR's entire F&B program were floundering.

Enter Matt Levine, who after gaining infinite notoriety with the Eldridge, was brought in by THOR to handle the hotel's restaurant, lobby bar, and lounge. After opening the non-shit show but hardly booming LevantEast, Levine has now turned his attention to the lobby lounge. According to Lewis, the space will be rechristened CV, which is the address in Roman numerals. Pure. Levine. Genius. Levine has partnered with the Bloc Group and the crew from the now closed Upstairs on the project. Partner Jed Stiller explains that this "brings the trend towards hotel-driven lounges to the LES. The Rivington is a celebrity-driven hotel, and we expect to service the high-end guests of the hotel as well as our friends." Celeb driven? THOR? Hmmm. Lewis promises to "make the place a warm, comfy space to hang with a “Meatpacking” aesthetic", and it will be open by the end of the month. At least he didn't say sexy.
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105 Rivington Street, New York, NY