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Greenpoint's New Restaurant/Piano Bar, The Manhattan Inn

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[Krieger, 11/5/09]

Greenpoint, meet your newest/coolest neighbor, The Manhattan Inn. Those nutjob geniuses at Glasslands, the superhip rag tag performance space on Kent in Williamsburg, have managed to do something original and pretty damn good looking on an otherwise unexciting strip a block from McCarren Park. The bar and restaurant serves New American cuisine from chef Justin Farmer. Fancy cocktails, sourcing from Rooftop Farms, repurposed design details, you know the drill. And on that sweet, sweet baby grand? Ragtime. She opened two nights ago, so get to it and send in the early reactions.

Small Plates

Baguette with Apple Butter $4
Fried Chicken Wings with Chili Apple Glaze $5
Potato Leek Gratin $6
Chilled Tofu with Black Sesame Seeds and Dried Swordfish $7
Red Borscht with Braised Brisket, Dill, and Creme Fraiche $8
Chicken Liver Pate with Cornichons, Dandelion Gree Coulius, and Baguette $9


Braised Pork Belly & Kimchi Pressed Sandwich $13
Grilled Eggplant, Tallegio, and Frisee Pressed Sandwich $13
Seasonal Vegetable Stew with Barley and Wild Mushrooms $12
Cottage Pie with Grass-fed Beef, Vegetables, and Garlic Mashers $15


Crepe with Rocotta, Hoeny, and Supremed Clementines $7
Chocolate Chile Bread Pudding with Pear Coulis $7

It's open from 4 PM - 2:30 AM weeknights, open from 11 AM on the weekend; 718-383-0885.

The Manhattan Inn

632 Manhattan Ave., Brooklyn, NY

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