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Isn't a $100 Cake Cutting Fee a Tad Aggressive?

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2009_11_40cake.jpgToday's Ask Eater topic is a tricky one: outside food in bars. Some places are cool with it, some are most certainly not. Some charge a fee. But a $100 cake cutting fee as a measure to pay off DOH fines? Read the account, and put all thoughts on the matter in the comments:

We went to 40/40 last night to watch the game, expecting to have a small bite, a couple of beers and to celebrate my friends birthday. Sounds like a great night out at a fun bar, right? Um... Not so much. My friend arrives with a delicious cake from Magnolia to celebrate the birthday, but just as we’re going to cut in to this mass of chocolate deliciousness, we’re told that the bar has a $100 cake-cutting fee that we’d have to pay to eat the cake there!!
Obviously we inquired what this was all about and the gem of the matter was when the manager told us that the restaurant can’t serve outside food on their premises (for fear of being fined by the Department of Health). So what difference would a $100 cake-cutting fee make to the matter you ask? Apparentlyit’ll help the bar ‘pay the fine’ (even though we offered to do so ourselves :). I’m all for paying corkage on a fancy bottle of wine at a nice restaurant, but an exorbitant fee to eat a cake at a bar...? Come on...
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