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Brace for World Series of Beer Pong

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We already have baseball's World Series and the World Series of Poker, so why not make room for the World Series of Beer Pong? You read that correctly. The World Series is being held in Las Vegas at the beginning of January, 2010, and New York City Beirut lovers have a chance to land a coveted spot in the tournament! The tournament champs receive a check for $50,000. Read that again. $50,000!!!! For throwing a dirty plastic ball into a cup of warm domestic beer and watching your opponent chug. Who wouldn't want to take part?

There will be a World Series Satellite tournament held at the Village Pourhouse on November 10th at 7:30PM. The entry fee is $50, and the double elimination tournament will follow the Official WSOBP Rules. Best of luck pulling this tournament off, since the SLA had previously deemed Beer Pong tournaments to fall under their regulations against unlimited drinks, making these kind of events illegal. No matter how you slice it, the community is dead set against fun and games of any kind.
· The World Series of Beer Pong [Official Site]

Village Pourhouse

64 3rd Avenue, New York, NY

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