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Big Time NYC Pastry Chefs Line up for Top Chef Just Desserts

The Observer checks in with pastry chefs across the city to gauge reactions to Top Chef Just Desserts, Bravo's new pastry competition show. Mostly, it's a chance for the chefs to complain about how they don't get enough respect in the industry—they make half as much as their savory compadres, hardly ever get to go on TV, and are never made partner. Others worried the artistry of pastry would be lost among the drama or that these cheftestants, like all cheftestants, will do the show for the wrong reasons.

Nevertheless, pastry chefs at L'Atelier de Joel Roubochon, Anthos, and Gilt will be at the audition on Sunday. And it sounds like wd~50's Alex Stupak may consider it as well.
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