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Northern Spy Food Co. to Hit EVill Next Week

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[Krieger, 11/3/09]

Say hello to Northern Spy Food Co., a small but potentially game changing restaurant scheduled to open in the former Old Devil Moon space next week (if the DOH inspection goes as planned). Seasonal, market-driven American food is nothing new in this restaurant climate, but the pedigree of the chefs—who hail from A16 and Myth in San Fran—and the general enthusiasm the team behind the project exhibits hints it could be a good, and hopefully not too precious, addition to the neighborhood.

How they're describing the menu (below): "Hearty, but not fatty and heavy. Not meat loaf and mashed potatoes, think perfect roast chicken and vegetables and grains; salads, sandwiches, soups and snacks. The focus is on good sustainable meats, beef will be a rarity, pork here and there, but chicken, eggs, a great egg sandwich, Long Island fish." Beer is local, wine is all under $40 a bottle, and the market section of the space sells products made in the region or within the boroughs.

As for that weirdo name, partner Chris Ronis explains, "Northern Spy is an heirloom apple variety, native to new York state, and it sounds pretty good and slightly mysterious and a bit hipster, we know."

Radish greens soup 8
Yukon potato, pecorino

Navy bean soup 8
Swiss chard, celery root

Egg sandwich 9
Crispy chicken thigh, arugula, chimichurri

Country ham sandwich 9
Dairyere cheese, pickled onion, whole grain mustard

Mushroom sandwich 8
Oil poached potato, farmhouse cheddar, mizuna

Kale salad 8
Farmstead cheese, kolrabi, almonds, lemon dressing

Arugula salad 8
Pickled radishes, black beans, local feta, sherry dressing

Escarole salad 10
Poached egg, country ham, mustard dressing

Long Island Squid 11
Navy beans, romano beans, basil

Polenta 11
Wild Hive polenta, mustard greens, poached egg, crème fraiche

Lamb 13
Elihu lamb shank, roasted green onions

Chicken 12
Bobo chicken, natural sauce and lemon

$5 each / 3 for $14
Wheat berries
Pickled shallots, mint

Red quinoa
Red quinoa, radish, sherry dressing

Delicata squash
Roasted garlic, thyme

Caramelized leeks
Pecorino, lemon

Mustard greens
sherry dressing

Heritage bacon

Fingerling potatoes

Oak Grove Mills popcorn 3
Marinated olives 3
Seasoned mixed nuts 3
Pickled Eggs 4
Flatbread - green onion, rosemary, garlic 5
Farmstead cheese board 10

Carrot cake 5
Mocha layer cake 5
Northern Spy pie 5
Cookie plate 5

Northern Spy Food Co.

511 East 12th St., New York, NY

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