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DJ Jesus Luz: More Than Just A Pretty Face

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Most graduates from the Dubspot Academy usually go on to headline their friend's apartments. But a New York Times write up reveals that recent alumni Jesus Luz is bucking the trend, going from neophyte to $15,000 per gig headliner just a few months after graduation. While the program certainly helped, Jesus also has benefited from being Madonna's current boy toy, luring promoters to drop big bucks on someone with less than two months of experience with the hope that the studly Brazilian will attract an A-list crowd. The results so far have been mixed; Madge herself attended his debut at Le Room de Boom, while a recent gig only attracted a D-list reality TV stars. Uf! A-list or D-list, everything is coming up aces for a guy who just 12 months ago was earning $500 a day for one off modeling gigs in Brazil, and he knows it. That's nice for Jesus, but represents yet another blow against professional DJs, who are already competing with celebrities manned with iPods for gigs, and now have to come to grips with this.
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