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Amy Sacco Still Holding On

The New York Post checks in with Team Amy Sacco as she puts the finishing touches on the pilot for her long awaited reality show. But like most other things in her universe, the fate of the project is completely up in the air. According to the Post, the show tracks Amy as a female entrepreneur seeking success in the male dominated nightlife industry, but Bravo has not picked up the pilot and there is no guarantee that it will ever make it to air. Also, despite her claims that Bungalow 8 is simply closed for renovations, the former Queen of Nightlife has filed zero work permit applications with the Department of Buildings for the space, thus giving the impression that any work is simply cosmetic. Or there is no work at all. Hmmm...No problem according to producer Charlie Corwin, the genius behind shows like the Rachel Zoe project, who is convinced that America will fall in love with the Fallen Queen. Corwin says, "She's definitely a star. I think people will love to watch Amy, and they'll love her for all the same reasons that everybody else does." Right. The show apparently tracks Amy as she tries to open a new venture on 17th Street, which is news to most insiders, none of whom had heard of the project before this morning. Could it just be a fake project meant to impress the Bravo suits? Bananas!
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