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Tavern on the Green Hosts Halloween Disaster

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A planned Halloween bash at the currently bankrupt Tavern on the Green turned ugly on Saturday night, as thousands of ticket holders who paid anywhere from paid $60 to $130 for advance tickets for an open bar and all you can eat buffet waited in the rain for hours before the NYPD shut the whole thing down. According to the Daily News, promoters Alex and Leo Baskin pin the blame on Tavern management, inferring they did not get control of the venue until 11:30PM well after guests began to arrive. In a letter received by ChiChi212, Tavern management blames it on the Baskin brothers, saying they were prepared for 2,250 guests (their capacity) and not the 4000-6000 guests who had purchased tickets.

The fallout from this mess is everywhere, as burned ticket holders have created their own Facebook group, appealed to Consumerist, and will be even getting the special Seven on Your Side treatment tonight at 5PM. Not surprisingly, the Baskin brothers have been hard to locate, but have been selectively responding to messages, saying,"we will start issuing refunds soon... Whoever sold u the ticket will be reimbursed and pay you. We have a lot of resellers so it's taking some time to back track all the sales."

No matter how you slice it, this is a Grade A disaster, and is another sad chapter in the Tavern on the Green debacle.
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