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Someone Who Isn't Chodorow Gives Wild Salmon Space a Go

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The Cuozz reports this morning that new operators have finally taken over 622 3rd Ave., a 17,000 square foot space that was once home to four different Jeffrey Chodorow restaurants: Tuscan Steak, Tuscan, English Is Italian and, most recently, Wild Salmon. It has sat vacant for almost two years.

But who would have the cojones to take over the cursed space? Mexican chef Richard Sandoval and opera man Placido Domingo, owners of popular Mexican eatery Pampano, just seven blocks away. They plan to open a branch of their DC and Denver Mexican-Asian fusion mini-chain Zengo. Whether or not Thai chicken empanadas and adobo-Hoisin grilled lamb loin can succeed where El Chod's string of restaurants belly flopped remains to be seen, but it's somewhat comforting that operators are sinking stupid amounts of money into monster spaces once again. We're back baby!
· Restaurant brings new tenor [NYP]
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622 Third Ave., New York, NY

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