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Ichiran Finally Speaks to 'Members', Launches Website

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Ichiran, the restaurant meant to rock the world of NYC ramen when it was originally scheduled to open in Greenpoint in August '07, has mysteriously languished in the same space for years with little signs of progress. Back in January, signage promised it would open to members only, meaning "those living in the distance which walks from this shop.” But shopkeepers on both sides of the restaurant reported this summer they've barely seen anyone in there, and potential "members" who filled out cards with their info have heard nary a peep from the elusive noodle shop. Until TODAY.

In a note sent to the 3,000 locals who signed up for info, the restaurant announces two things. First, they've launched a website to open up registration to people outside of the immediate Greenpoint area (smart). Second, they still plan on opening. Oh, and they're super sorry for the delay.

Thank you for registering as a member of Ichiran limited membership shop. Since we began our promotion in December of 2008 asking for your suggestions and comments, about 3,000 local residents, who live within walking distance of the restaurant, have registered as members. We are deeply impressed and excited by this amazing response and we want to thank everyone who has signed up so far.
We really appreciate your interest.

In response to many requests from people all over the U.S. in many different cities? we have set up a website to improve our registration system and open it up to people outside the local area. Now you can go to our website for more information about us and our products at:

Because we are dedicated to providing the same level of quality that we have achieved at our restaurant in Hakata, Japan, we promise never to compromise until we have found a way to achieve the same delicious taste our customers have come to expect.

We sincerely apologize for the time it is taking us to find everything necessary to maintain our level of quality, but when we are ready to open, those who have registered will be the first to know. We hope you will be among those who will want to come in and taste this finely honed delicacy just as it is served in Japan.

ICHIRAN?- A restaurant specializing in Tonkotsu Ramen -

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1013 Manhattan Ave., Brooklyn, NY

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