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Woodside's Studio 46 Offers More Than Just Drinks

A Woodside based tipster drops a dime to complain about Studio 46, a neighborhood tavern that is ruining their life on a nightly basis. The complaints (loud noise at all hours of the night, bottle throwing and bar fights) are the run of mill issues for problematic taverns. But the note gets a lot more interesting when the complainer dips their toes into Cordato's territory. It seems that Studio 46 is offering their patrons more than drinks and a lively atmosphere.

The intriguing excerpt:

Furthermore, this isn't your ordinary bar/club. The bar/club employ women to walk around the establishment in skimpy outfits and request that the customers give them money to dance. And as the night goes on, and the later it gets, the women remove their skimpy outfits. I would be interested to know if this bar/club has the proper licenses for women to be strutting their "stuff" since it is located less than 1 block from a NYC public school.
The bar definitely has some kind of liquor license, and while everyone should follow the rules, this seems more like some enterprising than anything illegal. The ruling? What happens in Studio 46 stays in Studio 46.

Studio 46

45-50 46th St, Woodside, Queens, NY