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Boom Boom Room Name Contest: We Have a Winner!

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Dear Andre,

2009_10_boomboomnamechange.jpgWhen word leaked that you were planning to rechristen your 18th floor pleasure palace Bon Bon, it seemed wise to test drive the name with the masses, ensuring you wouldn't have to go through this process for a third time. The bad news is that less than 5% of participants like the name Bon Bon, an alarmingly low number. The good news is that over 40% liked Le Room de Boom, a name that pays homage to the original and delivers a playful little slap at those San Francisco bastards who threatened you with that nasty lawsuit. Judging by the laughing and smile on your face when its creator first laid it on you, it seems you may just like it yourself. Your friends will love it too! So before you hire the contractor to start labeling all of those glass doors and bathrooms, please consider Le Room de Boom one last time. For us.



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The Standard Hotel

848 Washington Street, New York, NY 10014

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