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While the Jane Reopens, The Mott Closes for Renos

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WEST VILLAGE— Blogger The Dizzy Fizz reports that the Jane Ballroom is officially back in business tonight, reminding the world to "never underestimate the operation management skills of a Sean MacPherson-owned hotel." Hotel and Ballroom management have been asked to confirm this rumor with no response, but a quick perusal of DOB's website shows that all vacate orders have indeed been lifted. Either way, it's going to be a horn fest on Jane Street tonight! Honk! [The Dizzy Fizz, previously]

NOLITA—A couple of readers report and Grub Street confirms that The Mott, a restaurant that is just a few months old, is closed for renovations, like the suspicious Butcher Bay. The owners of Butcher Bay, by the way, have noted that it may or may not return with the same theme and name. [ENY; GS]

LOWER EAST SIDE— In a budget meeting last night, Community Board 3 discussed the option of funding the return of the controversial Cabaret Units. The special NYPD units, now mostly disbanded, focused solely on quality of life concerns and numerous members want them back. But not the bar owners David McWater who likened them to a "bunch of goons going around harassing people" or Meghan Joye, who said "a visit from the cabaret unit, almost always resulting in steep fines, is like being 'shaken down by the mob.'" [TLD]

CRITICS— Not only has Dallas restaurant critic Robb Walsh shed his anonymity, but he's put forth a big theory about the new role of the critic: "The fact is, my job is changing. I was hired as a newspaper restaurant critic and feature writer. Today I am, first and foremost, a blogger...The time has come to adjust to fit my new job description." [Eater National]

The Mott

173 Mott St., New York, NY

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