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Trump's New York Quattro Pulls Off A Design Surprise

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Quattro, the Miami restaurant and hotspot, is prepping for its opening at the oh so glitzy Trump Soho condotel sometime in 2010. If you recall, the Quattro team has already promised to deliver an upgrade to the New York dining experience with its signature brand of northern Italian by way of South Florida cuisine, and the Trumps' probably won't be bashful about proclaiming Quattro's food to be the best. But will the design be over the top gaudy like most things Trump related? According to renderings we discovered on project designer Studio A's website, the answer is a surprising no. The space will feature soaring ceilings and rather minimal decor while offering seating for 190 in the dining room, an additional 64 on an outdoor terrace and two additional "unique dining rooms" for private events. It seemed Quattro's home inside a Trump property would result in a space totally bedazzled in gold, but perhaps Trump Soho really is a different side of the family. Beware: it is just a rendering.
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246 Spring Street, New York, NY