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Crazy Kurve Decides It Also Earned a Michelin Star

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EV Grieve notices two hilarious/sad new developments at the East Village's favorite psychedelic Thai restaurant Kurve today. Awhile ago the blog noted that a sad, under-watered plant had been wilting in one of Kurve's endless streetside windows. Now that plant has been knocked over. Not a huge deal really, but perhaps indicative of what's going on at the restaurant as a whole.

More importantly however, is the new signage on the right.

Kurve is advertising its Michelin star, one it never received. Yes, its sister restaurant Rhong Tiam did in fact, dubiously, get a star this year. And yes, three weeks ago Kurve did add the Rhong Tiam logo to its facade. But Kurve baby, that doesn't mean you get a star too. Ballsy but a bit disingenuous.
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