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An Interesting Loophole To That Pesky 500 Foot Rule

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A restaurateur who recently applied for a liquor license opened up about their dealings with the community board and the rationale for settling for a wine and beer license instead of putting up a fight for the full shebang. While booze drives profits, this team was willing to take a B&W license in order to open quickly and establish a positive relationship with the board. This restaurateur also mentioned that the best thing about a wine and beer license is that it is not subject to the SLA's famous 500 foot rule, the recently reinforced law that caps the number of liquor serving establishments within 500 feet of each other at three. The SLA confirmed it, saying that wine and beer licenses "are not subject to the 500 foot rule." Because no one gets rowdy off of beer and wine?

There have been legendary battles with crazy community boards that used the 500' rule as a justification to reject restaurant's license applications. E.U., anyone? However, applicants who want to open an establishment serving only beer and wine should feel confident that areas with three existing bars or restaurants are not off limits. It's important to note that community boards can still choose to not recommend these applications, but the chances of the SLA approving a beer and wine application without community support are much greater than a full license.
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