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Cafe Gitane West Opens for Breakfast and Lunch

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Phone: 212-255-4113
Status: Opened yesterday for breakfast and lunch

Because the West Village has just as many Euros and models as Nolita, sceney French-Moroccan joint Cafe Gitane figured it would be just as successful in the Jane Hotel as it is on Mott St. The owners are still waiting on some furniture, so she won't be fully open with dinner service until next week. But breakfast is one of Gitane's strong suits anyway. Plus it gives the restaurant time to establish itself as a neighborhood spot with the loafing masses of the far West Village and MePa. It's open from 7 AM - 4 PM until next week. For those unfamiliar with the menu, it's reprinted below.
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Croissant 2.75
Pain au chocolat 3.00
Almond croissant 3.00
Blueberry and almond friand 2.50
Tartine, foccacia, cranberry-nut or seven grain bread with butter and jam, honey, vegemite, or freshly ground peanut butter 3.25
Baked eggs with smoked salmon, potatoes and cream 7.50
Baked eggs with basil, tomato and cream 6.25
Orange blossom waffle with fruit and maple syrup 6.50
Granola with raisins, cashews, fresh fruit and yogurt 6.75
Fruit salad 6.50

Café crème, thé ou chocolat,
Orange ou citron pressé,
Tartine ou croissant, beurre et confiture.

Foccacia tomato bruschetta 5.50
Prosciutto on baguette toast 5.50
Avocado on seven grain toast 5.50
Brie with apple 6.00
Herbed goat cheese with chili flakes and pomegranate syrup 6.00
Baked Feta, thyme and olives 6.25
Gorgonzola, walnuts and honey 6.25
Aioli on foccacia 6.25
Spicy moroccan olives and oranges 6.00
Beets, cinnamon, vinaigrette 5.00
Carrot salad, cilantro and orange blossom 5.00

Caramelized banana cream tarte 6.50
Tiramisu 6.50
Cheesecake 6.50
Chocolate bread pudding with whipped cream 6.50
Warm chocolate cake with orange sugar 6.50
Vintage Porto 2000 (Gould Campbell) Le verre - 9.00
Aromas of Blackberries, flowers and red licorice
Sauternes 2007 (Chateau Lafon) Gironde
Deep Honey & Pear Flavors
1/2 Bouteille

Organic mixed green salad with tomato, endive and toasted croutons 8.00
with organic chicken 11.00
Arugula, marinated beets, apple and a green olive-walnut salad with toasted goat cheese croutons 11.00
Tuna spread, toasted baguette, cherry tomato and endive salad 10.00
Aioli and parmesan grilled bread, prosciutto with organic mixed greens 11.00
Cucumber, yogurt and mint salad with humus and pita bread 10.00
Heart of palm, avocado, orange, endive, lemon, chili flakes and olive oil 11.00
with organic chicken 14.00
Smoked trout salad, black lentils, walnuts, arugula, dried cranberries, avocado, goat cheese, cherry tomatoes, shallots, vinaigrette 14.00

Moroccan couscous with red peppers, raisins, toasted pinenuts 11.50
hummus and eggplant
with organic chicken add 3.00
with Merguez sausage add 3.00
Baked pasta, roasted tomatoes, gorgonzola and breadcrumbs 11.50
with Prosciutto add 1.50
Grilled eggplant with tapenade, goat cheese and pesto on watercress 12.50
Salmon pot pie, baby spinach, pine nuts and nutmeg with tomato, rosemary and black olive sauce 14.00
Organic chicken Satay with peanut sauce, jasmine rice and carrot salad 14.00
Hachi Parmentier, organic ground beef, mashed potatoes, garlic and cream, and organic mixed greens 13.00
Spicy organic meatballs in tumeric tomato sauce with boiled egg, cucumber-yogurt and cilantro 13.00

Mozzarella, tapenade, tomato and basil on foccacia 10.25
Prosciutto and brie with honey mustard on seven grain bread 10.00
Greek salad with feta cheese, olive, eggplant, tomato, onion and red pepper on toasted foccacia 10.25
Roasted organic chicken, chipotle mayonaise, fresh parmesan, roasted tomatoes on toasted baguette (Anchovie optional) 11.50
Smoked chicken on cranberry-nut bread with mango, arugula mayonaise 11.50
Smoked salmon tartare with capers wasabi mayonaise on sourdough baguette 9.75


Cafe Gitane

113 Jane Street at The Jane Hotel, New York, NY 10014

Cafe Gitane

113 Jane St., New York, NY

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