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Hall of Fame Press Release Tries to get Diners in the Mood

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Straight from the inbox, an email that merits a spot in Eater's frequent round ups highlighting the worst press release openers of the week. However, the release is so good/bad it's getting the Hall of Fame treatment. It's not only because of its lede and references to Titanic and Seinfeld, but also because it comes from a restaurant that once had some potential, Harbour. Meet "Aphrodisiac Thursdays":

During these cold and stressful winter months, romance and sex don’t always come naturally. When reruns of Seinfeld are the most exciting part of your Thursday night, then maybe it’s time to take a trip on a private yacht to heighten your sense of adventure and lust.
Harbour Restaurant, the hot and hip New York eatery in West Soho, announces an alluring culinary experience: Aphrodisiac Thursdays. Each Thursday, Harbour will entice New Yorkers to awaken their taste buds and recharge their relationships with a four course dinner priced at $65.00. Dishes include succulent oysters, luscious lobster, and inviting chocolate creations. The themed luxury liner décor will remind frisky guests of classic at-sea love stories like Titanic or An Affair to Remember. By night’s end you and your partner will have no trouble rocking the boat.
So, so good. Now who's ready to get it on at Harbour?
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290 Hudson St., New York, NY

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