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District Goes South of the Border With Chipotle

District, the Financial District building that former Club Queen Amy Sacco lent the last of her cachet to, has finally landed a restaurant tenant for its giant lobby space. At one time, none other than Stephen Starr was rumored to be partnering with Ms. Sacco on a steakhouse project, but it never materialized and the retail space has sat vacant. It turns out the building will be serving steak, but the quality will be just a tiny bit below prime, dry-aged rib eyes. This past weekend, the Chipotle banner was attached to the side of the building, bringing yet another pedestrian lunch joint to a neighborhood that is screaming for anything of just a little quality. Looking at the positives, this opening will alleviate the line at the popular Maiden Lane location, which an operative reports is "always jammed", and will serve as another reminder of the failed conversion of the FiDi to a 24/7 glam neighborhood.
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111 William Street, New York, NY

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