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Deadly Shoot Out At Norwood Palace

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A viewing party for the Miguel Cotto and Manny Pacquiao boxing match on Saturday at the Norwood Palace in Cypress Hills turned violent and then deadly after a fight broke out among patrons. According to reports, people were smashing bar stools and chairs over each others heads, and then shots were fired inside the bar. When the NYPD arrived on the scene, they encountered security guard Kevin White, who was hired by the bar at the request of the local community board to help prevent these incidents, holding a gun. DJ Timothy Stokes told the Post that the cops "screamed at him several times to drop the weapon, and he did not." Mr. White was fatally shot by the officers while another suspect was wounded and remains in stable condition. It seems that making an example out of Plaxico Burress isn't having a widespread impact just yet.
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Norwood Palace

3138 Fulton St., Brooklyn, NY