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Cabin Down Below Comes Out To The Street

<a href="http://evgrieve.com/2009/11/why-is-pizza-shop-closed.html"></a>
Photo via EV Grieve

After EV Grieve noticed that the Pizza Shop next to Niagara had closed over the weekend, its owner Kevin Cole hopped into the comments to offer up an explanation, saying "we closed the Pizza Shop because the rent was too high. We struggled every month to make it... someone gave me an offer on the space and i decided it was best to take it." So what does that mean for Cabin Down Below, Matt Romano and company's outstanding and hush hush drinking den that was accessed through the Pizza Shop? The good news is that it is still open for business, but instead of walking into a pizza place to get in, patrons will now enter on East 7th Street, descend the alley staircase and walk through the smoking patio into the bar. It won't make it any less fun. To stay abreast of the Pizza Shop's future plans, shoot an email to them here.
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Cabin Down Below

132 East 7th St., New York, NY