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Superdive's Official Response to Superdive Going on the Market

In response to the Eater post earlier today revealing that Superdive is now on the market for $350,000 key money, the proprietors at the infamous "dive" bar have sent this response:

A) SUPERDIVE will live forever.

B) SUPERDIVE will never close.

C) SUPERDIVE is looking for additional locations as well as weighing national expansion

D) SUPERDIVE exists only to have parties like the one for EATER.COM on Dec 17.

E) SUPERDIVE oh how we love SUPERDIVE.



There you have it. Apparently we now know where to have the Eater Christmas party. Commenters, please feel free to add points G - Z to that list, and as for point C, rumors have been circulating that they're eying the Cafe Deville space on Third Ave. Sadly, the owners say that's just talk.
· For $350,000, The One and Only Superdive Could be Yours [~ENY~]


200 Avenue A, New York, NY