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The Diner/Marlow Empire's Newest, Roman's

[Krieger, 11/12/09]

Late this summer, Mark Firth and Andrew Tarlow, kings of hipster Williamsburg with their restaurants Diner and Marlow & Sons, unceremoniously shuttered the two locations of their Mexican concept Bonita. While, the Williamsburg spot closed for good, they've turned the Fort Greene location, a bit of a staple in the neighborhood, into something completely new.

Meet Roman's. Named after Tarlow's youngest son, the restaurant has been reborn as a sweet little Italian neighborhood spot. The menu changes every day, all of the food is local and seasonal, and all meat is sourced from the partners' butcher shop, Marlow & Daughters. Though the offerings vary each day, there will always be a pasta, soup, or risotto course, a course of unadorned meat, and a few sides or salads.

last night:
salt cod and chickpeas
acorn squash, pancetta salad
focaccia with housemade ricotta

parpardelle with nut pesto
cauliflower risotto

lamb w/salsa verde

escarole salad


243 DeKalb Ave., Brooklyn, NY

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