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Major League Dreidel Wants To Spin You Away

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Just in time for the holiday season, here comes another attempt to convert a hobby into a professional league. Introducing Major League Dreidel, which puts a fresh spin on traditional dreidel by creating "original games and tournaments that are fun for spinners of all ages. MLD validates the dreidel as a bona fide sport and its elite are recognized and respected like professional athletes." Hold it right there, MLD. Bona fide sport? Elite spinners being recognized and respected? Calm down. Any major tournament that pays its winners in bags of chocolate gelt instead of straight money has a while to go before it should even consider calling itself Major League anything, even if it is tradition. Brewskee Ball, consider yourselves on notice too. The action goes down on December 12 at the Knitting Factory.
· Major League Dreidel [Official Site]
· Brace For World Series of Beer Pong [~ENY~]

Knitting Factory

361 Metropolitan Ave, Brooklyn, NY

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