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RED ALERT: MomoMidtown Serving Lunch Today

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Midtown Lunch notices a major, no, monumental announcement on the Momofuku website today: Ma Peche, David Chang and Tien Ho's blockbuster fall/winter opening and first effort outside the confines of the East Village is now serving a "midtown lunch special and limited mezzanine menu" at the Chambers Hotel. Yes, today, food at MomoMidtown. Breathe. The midtown lunch special includes a choice of two kinds of banh mi, rice noodles with pork, or squid salad and a drink for $10. Meanwhile the mezzanine menu includes all kinds of craziness from terrines to grilled cheese sandwiches, chicken soup, and a Chambers Burger.

They aren't opening the full dining room yet, so consider this a sweet, blessed preview. See the full menu below, check back later this morning for more live coverage, and please, for the love of all that's sacred, send early reports this way.

Daily: 6:30 am – 11 am

chambers continental
choice of: oatmeal – raisins, brown sugar
assorted breads & apple jam
quiche – bacon, onions
with: coffee or tea / juice

klotz’s mixed granola – dried fruit, yogurt or milk
knoll crest eggs (clinton corners, ny) – three eggs any style, apple smoked bacon/lemongrass sausage/ ham, home fries & toast
mixed breads & french press coffee – croissant, toast, muffin, butter & apple jam, orange/grapefruit/apple/pineapple juice, coffee / tea
eggs benedict – ham, english muffin, hollandaise
creekstone hanger steak (kansas) – eggs,roasted potatoes, toast

apple smoked bacon, lemongrass sausage, or ham
home fries with caramelized onions
cereal with milk
sullivan street bakery’s multi-grain toast or white toast
new york state apples

french press coffee (regular / decaf)
espresso (single / double)
cappuccino (single / double)
orange, grapefruit, apple, pineapple, grape juice, or V8
tea – chamomile, earl grey, english breakfast, jasmine, green, mint
milk / skim milk
s. pellegrino sparkling water / fiji

11 am – 12 am

marinated olives
popcorn – nori, chilies
pork & porcini terrine – baguette, pickles, mustard
satur farm’s lettuce – fennel, radish, lemon vinaigrette
hue style chicken soup – lemongrass, mushroom, herbs
rice noodles – pork sausage, greens, crispy shallots
grilled cheese – swiss, cheddar & american, fries
chambers burger – lettuce, fries. add bacon/add cheese
roasted 14 oz strip steak (CAB) – tarragon butter, fries

bánh mì du maison – three terrine sandwich, daikon, cilantro
bánh mì au poullet – chicken, lemongrass, lettuce, mint
bún du riz – rice noodles, pork ragout, saw leaf herb
g?i calamare – squid salad, fish sauce, thai basil, greens

milk & chocolate chip cookies
momofuku milk bar peanut butter cookie
· BLOCKBUSTER: MomoMidtown is Serving Food [ML]
· Ma Peche [Official Site]

Má Pêche

15 West 56th Street, New York, NY 10019 Visit Website

Ma Peche

15 West 56th St., New York, NY

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