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Psilakis' (Kind of) Street Cart; Mario's Three Fave Restaurants

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THE PLANET GOOP— In her newsletter today, Gwyneth Paltrow surveys a host of big names from the restaurant world on their three most impressive dining experiences. Ferran Adria name-drops his brother's tapas bar, while Amanda Hesser simply opts for El Bulli and the French Laundry ("like being at an 18th century ball"). Mario Batali waxes poetic about Pearl Oyster Bar, his sister's place in Seattle, and the time he may or may not have dined with a bum in Thailand. [GOOP]

GUY FIERI SAVES THE WORLD— One of the things Guy Fieri owns: a t-shirt cannon. [The Daily Beast via Chow]

MEATPACKING DISTRICT— Vodka purveyor Ketel One has announced plans for a late-night cart that will pop up across the country giving away freebies, but the strangest part is that they've convinced (paid) a trio of fairly big name chefs to make recipes for them (PR asserts the chefs themselves will not be on the scene): it will start here with upscale Greek chef Michael Psilakis, then Rick Bayless will do it in Chicago, and finally Top Chef winner Ilan Hall in Los Angeles. [TONY via Eater National]

TOP CHEFFAGE—The moment Top Chef merchandising has gone too far: Top Chef floral arrangements [Bravo]

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