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How To Live Large At New York Nightclubs

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When a press shy customer had been spending as much as $160,000 a night at nightclubs became upset by the attention, it got us thinking. While simply staying home won't satisfy the urge to celebrate one's hard work and fortune, constantly hitting the newest and most popular New York clubs while buying everyone a bottle of champagne brings the gawking eyes of the media. There just had to be a common ground. So for the would-be ballers who don't want to suffer a similar fate, here are some suggestions on how you can drop serious coin at nightclubs and not draw any attention to yourself.

1. Keep your bill in the low five figures - Just because you have an unlimited amount of cash doesn't mean that you have to try and spend it all when you go out. If you want to keep the Cristal coming all night long, tell the general manager that you don't need the sparklers every time, maybe just every third time. It will still make you feel just as important.

2. Pick a B+ club - Everyone always wants to party at the newest and glitziest clubs. But if you want to remain unknown, why not go somewhere that the press won't be watching? Places like M2, Suzie Wongs, Quo, or even places like Marquee, which are still very crowded but are not known to attract celebrities and A-list customers. It may not be the hottest, but spending enough money there can still make it fun.

3. Take care of your host and security - Almost everyone has some form of camera these days, so it is impossible to stop every and any photo. But customers who want to stay out of the limelight should ask the club's security and hosts to be mindful of would be shutterbugs to try and limit their exposure. But to inspire their vigilance, make sure the are taken care of.

Most importantly, take it easy. You know you have money. Your friends know you have money. You don't have to prove it to anyone by buying disgusting amounts of champagne and tequila multiple nights a week. Act like you've been there before and just maybe, the fun and anonymity will last longer than three months.
· The Jho Lo Files [~ENY~]
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