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Sam Mason Finally Admits Tailor Split

<a href="">Krieger</a>, 7/09/08]
Krieger, 7/09/08]

It's been a long, curious journey at Tailor over the last year. Soon after chef/owner Sam Mason's TV show "Dinner with the Band" got picked up, his troubled restaurant filed for Chapter 11. The dining room then closed "for the summer" but never reopened. The bar continued serving cocktail-genius Eben Freeman's laudable concoctions...until he left in September. Later rumors emerged that the majority owners of the restaurant gave Mason the boot, a notion that may be confirmed by the chef's recent post/farewell on eGullet:

I would like to take this chance to thank everyone for their support and kind words, but it's no surprise for me to say that I (sam mason) am no longer a part of Tailor restaurant. I left about 3 months ago, and tried to let them get a game plan together before I announced my departure. I really loved my restaurant and pour my everything into it, but sadly it was not meant to be. It was great to have a venue to show how I was trying to bridge the gap of sweet and savory dishes, and I think with the help of a great staff we succeeded. I am currently working hard on my T.V. series , and by no means plan on it being my only creative outlet. I do plan to start a new venture soon. I hope to see you under another topic then as well.

sam mason

Get that? Expect a new Sam Mason restaurant blitz soon. Until then, he'll be on the tee vee.

As for the restaurant space, perhaps the owners will rebrand it, but sitting on the space can't be helping the bankruptcy situation. It's curious enough that they are still keeping up the farce (on signage at the space and on the answering machine) that it will reopen as Tailor.
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