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Williamsburgh Cafe: Korea, Roman's, and MORE

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1) Williamsburg: Eater photog Will Femia sends word that The Williamsburgh Cafe has gotten some new signage. According to a newly-hung banner outside, it's now Williamsburgh Cafe: Korea. Details about a new menu/major concept change are scarce and calls to the restaurant have gone unanswered. A sign outside the restaurant claims it reopened yesterday. [PLYWOOD]

2) Ft. Greene: ClintonHillBlog reports that there's been some movement at the former Bonita space. Posted outside is "a hand-made sign on the door that says 'Roman’s' and 'OPEN.' The door also boasts a stop work order." It's unclear whether the restaurant is up and running or whether the stop work order prevented it from opening. [PLYWOOD]

3) Williamsburg: Will Femia sends another curious tip to the inbox this morning about the empty space next to 667 Lorimer: "I can't figure out the address but permits next door are for 667 Lorimer and mention 'new use at ground level.' Not sure this is a restaurant but it does look like there's a bar inside. What makes it most intriguing is that if you look next door there are three garage doors. Those used to be individual units but now they're all stripped out and they're being drywalled all nice and clean." [PLYWOOD]

4) Midtown: Midtown Lunch provides an update on eagerly awaited O Bao. While it was reported to possibly make its debut yesterday, Bao hasn't quite flipped the switch yet. [PLYWOOD]

5) NoHo: Grub Street writes that the Brooklyn Flea will be opening a pop-up shop in the long shuttered Tower Records space. It will be open November 27th through December 24th with vendors such as McClure’s Pickles and Brooklyn Brew Shop. [PLYWOOD]
—Matt Duckor

The Williamsburgh Cafe

170 Wythe Ave., Brooklyn, NY

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