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The Battle For Pink Elephant Rages On!

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The ongoing battle for control of the Pink Elephant name continues. It has been a few weeks since the story broke that Joey Morrisey from the club M2 had teamed up with Rocco Ancarola, one of the original PE owners, to run Pink Elephant, the Euro centric dance club on 27th Street. Rocco and Joey had successfully ousted the original partners David Sarner and Bobby Montwaid, who are now planning to open a Pink Elephant of their own in the former Room Service space and take as many of their former employees with them as possible. A tipster shares the latest details, saying, "JB, the manager of Pink Elephant 27th street for last 2.5 years left/was "fired". Apparently, he gave a 2 week notice but they told him to get the f*ck out of the building...Jaime Hatchett came from Cain a year ago and has also left the building." They will both join their former bosses at Griffin until the new space opens.

While team Rocco seems convinced they will hold onto the valuable brand, our tipster is sure that they'll surrender it to David and Bobby once they get a few months of revenue: "Joey is going to give it up after he tries his best to beat the crap out of 27th Street. They will get a GOOD amount of money just over the next two months of operating the [Pink Elephant] brand at 27th street and opening the floodgate." Testify! But will the Euros pay the cash to dance to house music and raise their arms like a girl from the Hills when a waitress carries out a bottle of Champagne with a sparkler in it, even if it's not called Pink Elephant? Of course they will - they're Euros.
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