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Chelsea Rats Have Pizza Party at Vinny Vincenz

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Last night the NBC local evening news kicked off the show with a gross-out segment about a rat infestation at the Vinny Vincenz truck in Chelsea. The camera phone video screened in the piece clearly shows rats running in and out of the truck, jumping onto coolers, and even eating the pies. It's as bad, actually, no, it's much worse than the KFC/Taco Bell debacle of winter '07.

Now, the owner claims the pizzas in the truck were just old that day, hence the rats, and that they've replaced the truck since then with an identitical one (doubtful). Also, this: "At 700 degrees you kill everything when it comes out you don't touch it anymore." Really, guy? That's how you're going to play this? NBC hasn't put the video on their site yet but Grub Street has a kind of bootleg version that shows plenty.
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Vinny Vincenz Truck

27th St. and 10th Ave., New York, NY