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Rosa Mexicano LA Slammed, A Love Letter to Sifton

Milon, an Indian restaurant on lower 1st Ave., has a "gardenlike view."
Milon, an Indian restaurant on lower 1st Ave., has a "gardenlike view."

SIFT HAPPENS—Slate's Big Money column is speculating that the New York Times is grooming Sam Sifton to one day be the editor of the paper in a three page love letter: "What makes Sifton the man who ought to be considered a future editor of the Times is his ability to attack and explore popular subjects with intellectual rigor. Combine that with an ability to attract readers to stories with compelling headlines, art, and ledes, and you have all the tools necessary for leading the Times into the future on the web." He is also called "the most capable food writer of his generation." [Big Money]

MEATPACKING DISTRICT—A quick note from the tipline: "Lights turned on and everyone was kicked out of the Griffin last night around 1am. No one would give us any reasons as to why." [EaterWire]

LOS ANGELES— Rosa Mexicano isn't getting quite the reception it was hoping for in LA. Critic Jonathan Gold weighs in on the newcomer: "Rosa Mexicano is a Mexican restaurant brought into our overwhelmingly Mexican city from New York, a city as famously bereft of Mexican cooking as L.A. is of red-sauce Italian joints...the NYC Rosa Mexicano was most famous for its guacamole, a dish that most native Angelenos have mastered before their 8th birthday. Its presence in the complex is not just an insult to L.A. but a taxpayer-subsidized insult to L.A." Slam. [LAW via Eater LA]

The Griffin

50 Gansevoort St., New York, NY