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The Door Report: The 5 Hardest Doors in the City Right Now

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Welcome to the Door Report, the first edition of a new feature that will give you the skinny on the toughest doors in New York City. If you have a suggestion for the Door Report, please do let us know.


1. The Boom Boom Room: Troubled as it may be, the Boom Boom is the toughest door in New York City at the moment, if not the world. The Standard’s glitzy penthouse bar sports views to rival the Empire State Building and offers a level of hospitality on a par with Ian Schrager’s Rose Bar. That’s if you can make it inside. The Boom Boom is hard on most comers, including celebrities and models. We hear that Agyness Deyn was rejected at the door last week when the bouncer didn’t recognize her. Ooops. Expect things to only get worse when the Black Room opens, but who really wants to go there anyway?
Who you need to know: Andre Balazs, Kamil Parchomienko
Civilian Chance of Entry: 0%
848 Washington St., MePa.

2.The Jane Ballroom: If you ever wondered what happened to all the Beatrice Inn denizens after it closed, look no further than the Ballroom at the Jane Hotel. The former nautical flop house quickly became the hottest lounge in New York without ever really announcing that the place was open, attracting the hipster set to its sway (not dance - it's not allowed!) on its plush couches. But as the saying goes: Mo’ Money, Mo’ Problems. The Jane’s issues with its neighbors are well known, and the club was recently visited by a number of New York City agencies, resulting in the Ballroom voluntarily restricting its capacity until the problems are addressed. Same demand with half of the space is never a good equation. Hope someone tells the kiddies before their cab turns down Jane Street.
Who you need to know: Eric Goode, Sean MacPherson, Matt Kliegman
Civilian Chance of Entry: 0%
113 Jane St., West Village.

3. Simyone Lounge: Eugene Remm and Mark Birnbaum have expanded their mini-Meatpacking empire with the Simyone Lounge (SL), a tiny little lounge below their new restaurant Abe and Arthur’s guarded by former Tenjune doorman Aalex Julian. Simyone just recently opened to the public, but we hear they are going to keep things tight at the door for a good amount of time. Early reports say the room is “well done” and “kinda small”, but it looks like it could be a winner. But beware – getting inside means you are going to be dropping at least $20 for a whiskey. Exclusivity has a steep price!
Who you need to know: Eugene Remm, Mark Birnbaum, Aalex Julian
Civilian Chance of Entry: 25%
409 W 14th St., MePa.

4. The Rose Bar: Scoff if you will, but after several years, the Rose Bar at the Gramercy Park Hotel is sticking to its guns. Nur Khan loves his little baby, and he and doorman Damian still delight at dropping the hammer on would be customers who think that enough time has passed to get inside. Think again. But it is a hotel bar, so the staff is often required to accommodate guests who wouldn’t get in if it was a standalone business.
Who you need to know: Nur Khan, Damian Luayie, Ian Schrager, the hotel employee who guards the bathroom door.
Civilian Chance of Entry: 40%
2 Lexington Ave., Gramercy.

5. Avenue: New York's first gastro-lounge debuted this summer, but almost four months in, this place isn't known for its cuisine. Avenue has become New York's premiere bottle buying destination, as the biggest whales spend serious money to drink in the company of celebrities and their posses, and civilians line up to attempt to get past actor/hardass Wass Stevens. A major coup was hiring the homeless Beatrice crew to run Tuesdays and Thursdays, bringing their customers to a club that they normally wouldn't be caught dead in. Lucky for you, the place is nicely sized, giving you a better than average chance to get inside. Just remember that admission is never guaranteed.
Who you need to know: Noah Tepperberg, Jason Strauss, Wass Stevens, The Beatrice Crew
Civilian Chance of Entry: 60%
116 Tenth Ave., Chelsea
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The Boom Boom Room/QT

848 Washington St., New York, NY