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Is The Boom Boom Room Already A Bust?

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Via Urban Daddy

The Boom Boom Room, Andre Balazs' beautiful baby on the 18th floor of The Standard, had one of the most successful premieres in nightlife history. But as was evidenced since the beginning, Boom Boom had the potential to go from game changer to bust in a Manhattan minute. Sadly for Andre, it looks things are moving towards the latter. Setting aside the disaster from having to rename the bar QT (blech), the Boom Boom is quickly getting a reputation amongst the nightlife elite as a "no-go" zone. Why? They're still without a top doorman, and the staff they do have is having trouble recognizing the scenesters that should be getting admitted.

The big complaint is the room's interior design that has small seating areas facing out to take advantage of those killer views. This is perfect for a quiet hotel lounge, but killer for a hot spot. One club design expert who has already spent multiple nights at the Boom Boom puts it simply: "A successful room needs a lot of banquets surrounding an open space so you can look at everyone else. Look at Rose Bar and Marquee. That's what they do and they killed it. The Boom Boom keeps everyone separated and looking out. It's actually pretty boring." So while the problems are evident, one wonders if the Boom Boom can be salvaged? With its location, uniqueness and the pending opening of the Black Room, one's tempted to say yes. But the Standard team has to get their act together. Otherwise, it's bye bye Boom Boom, hello Airport Hilton.

The Standard Hotel

848 Washington St., New York, NY