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Nightloop Makes Bottle Service Easy and Pricey

OpenTable revolutionized the restaurant reservation world by creating a central place for potential customers to spot check available tables. Today, we learn that Nightloop hopes to do the same thing for the bottle service industry. The big difference? When diners make an OT reservation, they don't have to pre-order all of the food and pay the bill upfront, but Nightloop customers plunk down the full monty to secure their table. But before you drop $4000 for a four person reservation at Avenue, know this: some of the clubs have never heard of the site. Avenue's Noah Tepperberg tells Eater, "I have never heard of NightLoop in my life! And its impossible for anyone to guarantee entrance at Avenue, I approve every reservation and there is no promise of entry for any amount." For those who are really that desperate to book a table, we suggest just going over to the club and speaking with the doorman. They are almost always willing to help take your money.
· Nightloop [Official Site]