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City Agencies Raid Jane Hotel, Leave Lights On for Now

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The Jane Ballroom arrived on the scene like a hurricane, quickly becoming New York's most controversial venue. While the kiddies love it, the hotel's wealthy neighbors on Jane Street have made it their mission to put the hotel's popular bar out of business. Prospects of the troubled State Liquor Authority stripping their liquor license seem slim, but the Jane Street Block Association and Jane Street United have helped mobilize New York City Agencies to make sure the hotel strictly follows the rules of the road. To wit, an operative informs us that the Jane was raided early Friday evening by a who's-who of city acronyms (DOH, DOB, NYPD, FDNY), but according to hotel reps, was not forced to close. Says a venue rep: "We were visited by some city agencies last night and have to restrict our capacity while we get some issues sorted, but we are open." Expect things to be a bit calmer on Jane Street while the hotel team works on its operational issues.
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Jane Hotel and Ballroom

113 Jane St., New York, NY