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Sneak Peeking Crosby Street Hotel's Bar & Restaurant

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2009_09_efp.jpgThe Crosby Bar, 79 Crosby St., Soho
Initial Projection: September 1
Current Debut Projection: Next Week
Odds, On Time Arrival: Even
Eater Projected Opening Date: 10/12/09

The Crosby Bar, the restaurant and bar at the new Crosby Street Hotel, isn't scheduled to open until next Monday at breakfast, but Eater's intrepid operatives just couldn't wait. So on the left, see a through the window shot at the new restaurant, and to the right, meet the artwork that greets guests to the lobby. Obviously a lot of money has gone into the entire space here, and by the looks of the restaurant, it makes for a luxurious but not necessarily understated ground floor. Very Le Cirque 2000, eh?

As for the Crosby Bar's actual bar, it is stocked and ready to roll, but reps say the first bottle won't be cracked until after this weekend. Expect some friends and family action soon.
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The Crosby Bar

79 Crosby St., New York, NY