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Multiple Violations Brought Down The Jane

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A questionable sprinkler-system, casually installed alarm system, doors deemed fire hazards and a basement full of holes were just some of the violations found by the mayor’s enforcement task force during its early October raid on the Jane Ballroom, reports the VIllager. They also still had a certificate of occupancy dating back to a time when the Ballroom was operating as a performance theater and was the home of Hedwig the Angry Inch. Most egregious was that the Ballroom hot spot had become something totally different from what Jane Street resident and rabble rouser Steve Maslow had expected and originally supported, saying "I had visions of people reading from their new works in an elegant salon." How quaint! Hotel management is still hoping to bring the room up to code and re-open sometime in November, and the front bar remains open for business.
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The Jane Hotel and Ballroom

113 Jane St., New York, NY