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Two Restaurateurs (Meyer?) Vie for Quirky Church Space

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A compelling tip in the inbox this morning shared the news that residents in Gramercy are abuzz over a rumor that Danny Meyer is looking to open a restaurant in the old church space on 21st Street and Park Avenue South. The space, a former antique store, is linked to a still operating church, Calvary-St. George's Episcopal Church, and a thrift store, but it is quite a promising prospect. Just look at that exterior!

A visit to the area confirms that a restaurant is going in there and that two restaurateurs are trying to get the space, but no one could confirm that Mr. Meyer, mayor of Gramercy, was after it himself. Union Square Hospitality Group is, for now, staying mum. It should be quiet the space no matter who wins out.
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Mystery Church Space

21st St. and Park Avenue South, New York, NY