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Dennis Rosen: State Liquor Authority Savior

Since taking over as Chairman of the State Liquor Authority in August, Dennis Rosen has made a number of changes to its operating procedure. And as the Times reports today, the big shocker here is that Rosen's changes are mostly for the better, and he may actually have the long beleaguered SLA destined to be one of the smoothest running agencies in New York State. Applicants who had been prepared to wait up to a year for their application to be processed find themselves receiving their licenses in a week's time, an amazing turnaround for an agency whose Harlem office was raided in April in a corruption probe.

Rosen made a few quick changes that have gone a long way in getting things moving, which were:

· Created a self-certification process allowing attorneys to legally vouch for their clients applications, cutting months off the agency review timeline.
· Hired five more examiners to review applications, including three for the New York City office.
· Cut agency travel expenses and laid off non-essential administrative (i.e. pork) staffers.
· Hired an internal auditor to review SLA protocols
While some complain that this new self-certification system will be too costly for some applicants (upwards of $3,000 a pop in lawyer fees), Rosen counters by saying it will cut down on the number of applications in the pile, speeding the review for everyone. It's amazing what a new leader can accomplish when they actually care about getting something done.
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