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Nobu Partner Goes Bonkers on a Plane, Gets Cuffed

Josh Woodward isn't the only restaurant partner getting some negative press today for suspicious behavior. The Post reports that Nobu managing partner Richie Notar went totally nuts on a flight from Los Angeles to New York yesterday, an episode Notar is blaming on mixing pills with wine. Although he was calm when he boarded the plane (even saying hello to Buzz Aldrin!), midway through "His arms were flailing and he was shouting. Everyone was looking at him..." Passengers next to and behind him had to be moved from business to first class and eventually a flight attendant had to be stationed next to him. "Finally, the crew managed to get a pair of flex cuffs on him, though he tried to bite them off." The best part, besides that last quote, is that he doesn't remember a damn thing. "I just remember sleeping," he says. Must be the stress of the industry.
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