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Tribeca's new Food Truck Frites 'n' Meats; A Yankee Wishing for More Rain

TRIBECA— Welcome the newest food truck to the dance floor: Frites 'n' Meats. The truck debuted this morning in Tribeca on Greenwich and Chambers: "They’ve got two kinds of burgers from DeBragga (grass fed angus, and wagyu), three different buns from Balthazar (brioche, potato onion, and sesame seed), and 5 different kinds of cheese from Murray’s (gruyere, goat, brie, cheddar, and blue.)" [ML]

YANKEE STADIUM— If there's one person who's excited about the rain today, it's the owner of the restaurant inside Yankees stadium, NYY Steak: “Rain and cold drive up business at the restaurant by at least 20%...Fans tend to spend more during bad weather—and the bill at the eatery is already high with an average check per person of about $98." [Crain's]
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Greenwich and Chambers, New York, NY