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Ozersky, The Dash Feedbag Call it a Day

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After an extended period of spotty coverage and a mysterious "on hold" post last week, today Josh Ozersky announces his departure as Senior Editor of Citysearch and the death of The Dash Feedbag, the one year-old site he left Grub Street to create. He is apparently moving on to bigger and better things and the Feedbag site will shift away from news and opinion into "a special project." So, where will readers go to get their Pat LaFrieda and Michael White love, their stories of Cutlets' excesses? He says it will all be revealed in time. For those interested, Da Zersk's full statement is reprinted ahead. And Josh, please let the accounting dept. know where to send the $25 check.

Last week’s annoucement of the Feedbag’s temporary derangement was, at best, a stopgap measure. I wasn’t ready to announce my plans, and I’m still not, except to say that big things are in the works. Big! And more than one of them too. But, sadly, that means that I’m leaving Citysearch as Senior Editor, Restaurants. One week from today will be my last day here, and the last day of The Feedbag as you know it. So what is on the way?

Well, I can’t quite tell you yet. I’m going to blog for another week in this same reduced, Ubik-like stream of consciousness to which you may have become accustomed; and then things are going to change.I have a warm affection for Citysearch, and wanted to find a way to stay involved with a team of people I have a lot of loyalty too. So we have a plan to a major shift on The Feedbag away from news and opinion, and into a special project that I can promise you will be very, very cool. Sadly, I can’t make any announcements about that yet, either. But as Michael Corleone told his caporegimes, "There are things being negotiated now that are gonna solve all your problems and answer all your questions. That’s all I can tell you now."

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