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From the Desk of BL

Word has trickled out today that I've joined the NBC ranks, so we might as well be a bit more specific about it. As of yesterday, I'm the Managing Editor of lifestyle content across NBC Local Media's growing number of city sites, and I'll be focused on developing new brands and franchises for the company and fine-tuning existing offerings. As for the good ship, it's no secret that my role at Eater has changed significantly over the last 10 months, and you may note that in addition to Founder, the masthead now has me listed as Editor-at-Large. Practically, this means I'll file periodically, with things like Tuesdays with Jeffrey and the Deathwatch. I'm also working closely with the current team -- to the extent they tolerate me -- on continued growth of our properties, new, old, and national, though not in an operational capacity. Questions? This thing still works. --BL