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Henry Public, Pancho Gringo, The Loop, Stuffed Artisan Cannolis Hit by Shill Detectors

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It's time for another edition of Adventures in Shilling, in which we fight shilling the best way we can, by shaming tasteless, unscrupulous shills into submission. Well, that's the plan, at least. Fight shills yourself by dropping offensive links to

2009_09_panchogringo.jpgIn this week's edition of Adventures in Shilling the shill detectors find some suspicious raves for Stuffed Artisan Cannolis, Brooklyn's Henry Public, sushi spot The Loop, and Talay replacement Pancho Gringo. To the offenders:

Henry Public, the new Cobble Hill bar from the Brooklyn Social team, is now a member of the Adventures in Shilling club after a series of suspicious five star reviews from first time Yelpers. Says one

wow. just wow. from the pitch perfect ambiance to the attractive, friendly staff, to the carefully crafted cocktails, to the food (oh, the food!!), henry public is destined to become brooklyn's new favorite neighborhood spot that the locals wish no one knew about. the burger is a winner, the turkey leg sandwich a revelation, and the wilkensons (warm, buoyant doughnut-like confections) practically made me cry with joy. as for drinks, try the "two-cents fancy" if you're feeling champagny or the rye beer if you're feeling beery. i can't wait to go back and tuck into some oysters...
Shill Probability: 37%

Yet another Yelp rookie shares the love for Henry Public:

This is the kind of establishment that becomes an immediate classic. It feels as if this cozy and sophisticated saloon has been around for decades and yet it has a fresh, exciting vibe and amazingly well-edited menu (THE TURKEY LEG SANDWICH and the salad were unexpected revelations that I've been dreaming of ever since-- instant cravings-- in addition to the burger and fries). The staff was friendly and attentive and seemed unfased by the crowd. Apparently these are the same folks whose genius brought BROOKLYN SOCIAL to Smith Street, which makes a lot of sense, because HENRY PUBLIC has the same lush attention to detail. Everything from the wallpaper to the bathroom tiles to the pickles seems carefully chosen without being remotely fussy. What a feat. There is really nothing like this place in the neighborhood and I can't wait to go back and bring friends who I know will appreciate it. Also, I'm really looking forward to brunch...
Shill Probaility: 59%

While many fans of Hamilton Heights Thai spot Talay were shocked when the space suddenly changed into Pancho Grino, this first time Eater commenter couldn't be more happy with the restaurant's transformation into a Mexican joint:

I am going to have to disagree with all the above comments on Panch Gringo! >( This Place is full of fun and life if you ask me! I was there on Saturday and I had an amazing time! From the moment I entered the establishment, to me it had like a nice cozy feeling to it! Now don’t get me wrong I also have been to Talay, and I loved the whole sexy decor and all but there is nothing wrong with change. Well I’m going to have to say that the food was awesome! The guacamole was fresh with a spicy touch, and fresh crisp tortilla chips to complement! My main course was the quesadilla, I had the chorizo one and it was cheesy and really good! The manager also stopped by to give me a sample of their new frozen margaritas! They rocked! Hey, I don’t care if its Latin Thai food or Mexican, hey they can make it Chinese for all I care what I really love is the hospitality that keeps bringing me back! To me the staff is awesome and people should give it a shot! QUE VIVA PANCHO GRINGO!!!
Shill Probability: 71%

While this Yelp newbie loves basically everything about new Gramercy sushi place, The Loop, he also feels compelled to explain the specifics of their delivery program:

As far as neighborhood sushi goes, The Loop wins my heart. Since eating there, I've ordered delivery about twice a week. Dining there with a group of girls, we tried a lot of the menu and everything was delicious, very fresh, and gorgeously plated. All of the ceviche/sashimi apps we tried were generous portions and the flavors were very unique compared to your average joint (the yellowtail w/ jalepeno and yuzu sauce was my fav). LOOKING FOR KOI-style stuff? The crispy rice spicy tuna and rock shrimp tempura were what truly won me over. The rolls we tried were big and tasty, and I also had a great king crab + mushroom salad. My only complaint is that they don't have the full menu posted for Seamless Web delivery. There were so many fabulous cold appetizers/ceviches that aren't shown, nor is the crispy rice spicy tuna. I was told they hesitate to post things which presentation may get disturbed when delivered (this shows the passion and pride they hold for their food). BUT, when I call in my order they happily accomodate me for delivery. They are a very special and unique new spot and absolutely my new go-to.
Shill Probability: 84%

Sure, New York may have seen a Fro-Yo boom in the past few years, but this yelper is here to spread the word about New York's next big dessert craze -- Stuffed Artisan Cannolis:

Absolutely AMAZINGGG!!! I have been a froyo junkie for the past couple of years but this is by far the best treat i have ever had! I was never into cannolis, they were never my first choice when it came to a snack or dessert but Stuffed is so different i get my favorite treats in one! Whether its apple pie, cookies and cream, candy corn, birthday cake or anything else it just takes me to another level i can truly say i am in heaven when i bite into one of these cannolis!

I went to Stuffed for the first time during their grand opening weekend, i heard about them through a friend and in some articles online, so i definitely wanted to try them out...well i am so glad i did! I go there at least once a week and buy either a half or a full dozen and I love the fact that every time i go there there is at least one new flavor so they keep things interesting and new you can never get bored with these treats! The chocolate shells are the best thing i have ever tasted in my life and they refrigerate really well so they are good to last a couple of days, the regular shells don't last as long but since they are so much crispier than your every day cannoli shell you can have them for at the least the next day. My friends love them just as much as I do and raid my fridge of every cannoli as soon as they come over!

The place is adorable, its so warm and welcoming, and the owners are just as cute as the actual store front they are so nice and will actually take the time to talk to you instead of rushing you out the door!

I cant wait for them to open more locations around the city, but in the mean time I am enjoying their first location and especially the 30+ flavors!!!!


Shill Probability: 91%

Henry Public

329 Henry Street, Brooklyn, NY 11201 (718) 852-8630 Visit Website

329 Henry St., Brooklyn, NY