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Week in Reviews

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2009_10_robsbills.jpgOne expects this kind of behavior from the blogs, but today the Robs best even their own reputation of reviewing restaurants prematurely. They have declared the burger at Steve Hanson's Bill's Bar and Burger "one of New York’s best" just a week after its debut, awarding it three UG stars: "Bill’s might be his humblest, most downscale venture yet, but it might also prove to be his most satisfying and successful. That’s owed in no small part to the featured attraction: a tender, juicy, mouthwatering, remarkably flavorful old-fashioned burger..." [NYM]

Bill's Bar & Burger

22 Ninth Avenue, New York, New York 10014 (212) 414-3003 Visit Website

Bill's Bar and Burger

22 9th Ave., New York, NY