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Bravo Crafts a Top Chef Spinoff For Pastry Chefs

Inspired by the success of Top Chef Masters (which just got picked up for a second season), Bravo will replicate the Top Chef formula in a third series that will pit pastry chefs against each other. It will be called Top Chef: Just Desserts. Casting is already underway, with a premiere slated for 2010. Like the original series but unlike Masters, the pastry chefs will live together in a house during filming as the show follows the weekly elimination format. There's still no word on who will take the role of host or judges (we're putting Johnny Zs, Duff Goldman, Sam Mason if his IFC contract allows), but it will be produced by Magical Elves, which is responsible for the Top Chef franchise.

Why Top Pastry Chef? Because America wants more Top Chef. >>