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Lan and Mr. C's Felled in the East Village

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Welcome to The Shutter, special East Village edition. Know of any other restaurant that has served its last? Let us know.

2009_10_mrcsshutter.jpg1) : Lan, the Japanese restaurant on Third and 10th, across the street from The Smith, closed for renovation weeks ago but will not be reopening as the same entity. Any word on what the space will reopen as is much appreciated. [ShutterWire]

2) : EV Grieve reports that Mr.C's, an Italian trattoria on C and 7th has closed. Given that it just opened in March, it's one of the quickest turnovers since Atria opened and shuttered in the Grayz space earlier this year. Perhaps it was that one cent wine deal that did them in. [EVG]

Mr. C's

102 Avenue C, New York, NY