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Stabbing Leads to Greenhouse Shutter (With Update!)

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According to an employee, Greenhouse, Jon B.'s downtown nightclub and after hours spot, was shut down last night following yesterday's report about a stabbing at the club. New York's first "green" nightclub was in the news last week over a defamation lawsuit, alleging the club was turning away customers based on their race. Then came word about the stabbing, which a tipster alleges happened two weeks ago when "2 people were stabbed hand & arm". To make matters worse, the tipster also alleges that "management tried to cover up the stabbing by mopping up the blood but the cops watched the video & saw the busboy cleaning up."

Having a violent crime occur at or near a nightclub can often be a death blow, as the NYPD make it a priority to strip the operating licenses. Greenhouse's Barry Mulieneux went through this at his previous club, Stereo, where a man was shot and killed on the street after an altercation inside the club. Of course, a stabbing also occurred at Goldbar recently, but that appeared to be more of a domestic dispute. We await the official statement from officials at the club, but the takeaway is this: Greenhouse is closed for now and people should stop with the stabbing.
Update: A statement from their PR:

Regarding last night, “Greenhouse was not shut down by the authorities. Their Public Assembly permit had expired and although they filed for a new one months ago, they have still have not received it. Authorities came to the venue and cleared the space due to the permit expiration and Greenhouse opted to close for the evening because they could not have more than 70 occupants in the club. Ownership is working to expedite the situation and expects to be operating at full capacity this evening.”

With respect to the incident a few weeks ago, “An individual came to Greenhouse looking for his ex-girlfriend and the gentleman she was with. Upon entry to the club, he immediately attacked the gentleman (who was with his ex-girlfriend). Greenhouse took every security precaution, immediately broke-up the fight and called the police to handle the situation. The woman involved in the incident was able to provide police with information on the attacker, who had been stalking her for weeks.”

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